Free Astrology

Your friend was learning the astrology calculations and he predicted something on you. This much free astrology you can expect now a days. However, the world has become so professional that no one would give you free astrology suggestions.

Compatibility Of Horse With Horse

To deal with the same astrological sign is somewhat similar to possess a bank guarantee. You are sure about something. You will get at some definite outcome! You connect instantly, without any delay. The rapport is good.

Compatibility Of Dragon With Snake

A top match on many counts. You are mutually competitive for the common cause. You work for success and you are not satisfied until you constantly progress on the road to success. You have the inherent qualities that any successful individual must need.

Compatibility Of Dragon With Pig

The fiery Dragon is not as fierce as you appear to be. The outer appearance has nothing to do with the inner core. You are a fine, ambitious, wanting-to-achieve-something individual. One needs to understand you.

Compatibility Of Dragon With Horse

A top level compatible match with rare combinations. You have fun as well as purpose in life. You inspire each other. Your level of thinking on many issues has much in common. You wish to lead a good life, and that standard you wish to achieve by working hard and keep yourself busy.

Compatibility Of Dog With Dog

The Dog is known for loyalty and your problem is that you expect the same level of loyalty from other signs. Others do have loyalty but not to the extent you expect. With two dogs there is no problem.

Compatibility Of Monkey With Rooster

A difficult combination. Monkey and Rooster are both powerful and good signs, taken individually. But two good signs, two good individuals, do not necessarily make a good combination.

Compatibility Of Horse With Pig

The Horse and the Pig have basic differences but they have the capacity to understand and workout a solution for them. Both have an innate desire for hard work. Among the two, the leadership issue can only be solved, when the Pig accepts Horse as the leader.

Compatibility Of Tiger With Horse

You both are independent signs. Your relationship stands within the framework of your independence. Tiger is the boss, but the horse is not second in command. So to say, the Tiger is first among the equals.

Compatibility Of Horse With Dog

You are a rare uncommon combination, for you have many things in common. You have less load of ironing out the differences because they are very few. Humor is part of the nature of you both and that makes your relationship lively.

Compatibility Of Dragon With Monkey

If someone were to give not a well-studied, but an off-the-cuff answer, about the compatibility between the Dragon and the Monkey, the most optimistic one may not give such high marks- 100%.